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Welcome to Paradise

Cokes Surf Camp “the core surfers destination”

At Cokes Surf Camp we have the number one position for surfers on the Island of Thulusdhoo. The outlook from the camp commands a perfect view of Cokes & Chickens surf points and the walk, paddle out to Cokes, out the front, only takes a minute. The vibe at Cokes is the secret ingredient as all guests have a common thread, “surfing”, bonding with other guests is unavoidable with the sumptuous buffet meals provided in our outdoor restaurant for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

From March to October the swell is very consistent and the West trade winds provide offshore and glassy conditions to both Chickens and Cokes. 3 foot to 6 foot is common (shoulder to double over head high) and the 6 foot to 10 foot days are a true spectacle, with the real chargers given their chance to shine.

November to February are the months when the swells are small and suitable for beginners. The weather is usually very nice during this time with waves in the waist to shoulder high range.

The Experience

Cokes offers you single, double, triple or quad accommodation in air-conditioned rooms with ensuites and hot showers.

From the Cokes Surf Camp, you have a commanding view of two of the best surf spots in the Maldives, Cokes and Chickens. Surf transfers to other North Male waves is available upon request.

Cokes Surf Camp is great to visit all year round: From April to October it suits intermediate and advanced surfers looking for consistent waves of North Male Atoll swell magnets. Between November and March, the waves are smaller, perfectly formed for beginners and learners. Come develop your surfing with an experienced local surf guide team.

The Food

Honest, fresh and nutritious food prepared from the heart. We take the food here seriously so you can be confident that you’re ready for an early morning session, look forward to home-cooked lunches and enjoy our social evening meals.